South Spokane

Sprague Line

View the Sprague Line Corridor Development Plan here. The Sprague Line is an important element of STA’s envisioned High Performance Transit (HPT) Network and a commitment of the STA Moving Forward plan which was approved by regional voters in 2016. The implementation of High Performance Transit between Downtown Spokane and Spokane Valley will provide an

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City Line

Project Development Update (January 2020): This plan has evolved into a fully funded project and STA has decided to brand the service as simply City Line. You can view the new brand at the CityLine website. In March 2019, the FTA and their Project Management Oversight Contractor (PMOC) began the Scope, Schedule, Cost and Risk review

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SCC Transit Center

The SCC Transit Center, planned to be located at Spokane Community College, will serve as a multi-modal transit hub for both regular bus routes, and as the eastern end point to the Central City Line. The SCC Transit Center will accommodate added routes and recovery times from the STA Plaza, and will help eliminate unnecessary trips

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Moran Station Park & Ride

A park and ride for existing and future bus service will be constructed near the intersection of 57th Avenue and the Palouse Highway. The facility is expected to draw commuters from southeast Spokane traveling to employment centers within Spokane. Additionally, this new park and ride will act as a gathering point for vanpool commuters who are traveling throughout the

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Boone Northwest Garage

As the STA Moving Forward 10-year plan to maintain, improve and expand public transit throughout the region becomes reality, additional space to service and store fleet vehicles is needed. The Boone Northwest Garage will not only accommodate vehicles, but also electric vehicle charging infrastructure and a vehicle washer. Vehicles to be serviced in the garage will include

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Monroe – Regal Line

As part of Spokane Transit’s Moving Forward 10-year improvement plan, the Spokane Transit Authority (STA) is implementing the Monroe-Regal Line, a new high performance route that will provide frequent, reliable, all-day service along this major regional travel corridor. Service and bus stop improvements will make riding the bus a faster, more convenient, and comfortable way of

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