SCC Transit Center

Target Completion Year:


Service Areas:

Downtown Spokane, University District, North Spokane, Northeast Spokane, South Spokane, Valley

Estimated Impact:

Allow for additional service growth in Spokane


The SCC Transit Center, planned to be located at Spokane Community College, will serve as a multi-modal transit hub for both regular bus routes, and as the eastern end point to the Central City Line. The SCC Transit Center will accommodate added routes and recovery times from the STA Plaza, and will help eliminate unnecessary trips into Downtown Spokane for those traveling between the Valley and North Spokane.

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Referred to as “Construct an expanded Upriver Transit Center at Spokane Community College to all for additional service growth in Spokane” in the STA Moving Forward Plan.


September 2019 Service Revision Survey

STA is moving right along with implementing the 10-year plan, STA Moving Forward. The following changes are programmed to go into effect in September 2019 at the regular service change: Monroe-Regal High Performance Transit (HPT) Line, Upriver Transit Center at Spokane Community College, new Moran Station Park & Ride, and new South Commuter Express.

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