West Plains

Service to Airway Heights

Bus service to Airway Heights is nearing capacity. With expected growth in population and jobs on the West Plains, more bus trips are required to meet the demand. Enhancing Route 61, a future High Performance Transit corridor, will meet current and future demands by adding trips in peak periods and on weekends. Completion Year revised November 2020

West Plains Transit Center (phase two)

Ahead of Schedule: Completion coming 2019, originally planned for 2020. Phase two of this project will provide direct connection to Airway Heights, enabled by WSDOT improvements to exit 272. This facility, located at Exit 272 of I-90, will address several transportation issues on the West Plains. Currently transit customers are required to travel to Downtown …

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Boone Northwest Garage

As the STA Moving Forward 10-year plan to maintain, improve and expand public transit throughout the region becomes reality, additional space to service and store fleet vehicles is needed. The Boone Northwest Garage will not only accommodate vehicles, but also electric vehicle charging infrastructure and a vehicle washer. Vehicles to be serviced in the garage will include …

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Increase Frequency of Buses to Airway Heights – Weekends (phase one)

In the past few years, bus service to Airway Heights has been nearing capacity, and with expected growth in population and jobs on the West Plains, more bus trips are required to meet the demand. STA is working to meet current and future demands by enhancing Route 61, a future High Performance Transit corridor, and by adding trips during peak travel times and on weekends.

Extend Saturday Night Service

Saturday night service presents a great opportunity to meet a new demand at the lowest price. Based upon customer input asking for additional night service, STA has extended Saturday night service past 11 p.m.

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