Additional System Improvements

System-wide Optimization Based upon Customer Feedback…As the system grows and changes, feedback from riders is essential to make incremental changes to make the system operate more effectively through service changes occurring three times a year.  View the most recent proposed service changes here. Email UpdatesAugust 2018February 2019March 2019April 2019February 2020

Replace Retired Buses and Vans

STA maximizes the life efficiency of each bus it purchases.  Federal standards suggest the life span of a bus is 12 years, but STA makes buses last up to 15 years by rebuilding each transmission and each engine once. Beyond 15 years, maintenance costs begin to outweigh the benefit of keeping buses longer. Proposition 1 has provided …

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Expand Bus Fleet to Match Increased Service Needs

STA uses all existing resources to serve current bus routes; therefore, new buses and vans must be purchased to provide service to new areas as well as to successfully increase the frequency of service on already existing routes.

Expand Paratransit Service

As bus service expands in service areas and hours over the next ten years, Paratransit service will also expand.

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