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HPT service: Central City Line

Targeted year for completion:


Service Areas:

City of Spokane

Downtown Spokane

Northeast Spokane

University District

Estimated Impact:

500,000 new rides annually

Project description:

At the core of the future High Performance Transit Network is the Central City Line (CCL). The CCL will be a new six-mile route between Spokane’s historic Browne’s Addition and Spokane Community College, connecting through Downtown Spokane, the University District and Gonzaga University. This project is the Spokane region’s response to a community desire for a streetcar and a circulator in the urban core. The vehicle will be a modern, rubber-tired, battery electric vehicle with zero-emissions, rechargeable through inductive or conductive charging.

The CCL is designed to greatly reduce traffic congestion, while providing fast, frequent and convenient access to a vast variety of local schools and businesses. Additionally, the CCL will change transit operations at the downtown Plaza by significantly reducing dwell times.  Operating the line with high frequency enables an enhanced network where fewer routes travel downtown and to the Plaza.

The CCL has three distinct components:, Project Development, the Strategic Overlay Planning Effort and the Steering Committee.

More information and a video introducing the CCL >